Posted by: bgbsqr | April 2, 2011

Be Good Be Social & QR Codes

By now, you’ve arrived at Be Good Be Social and you’re mingling with some of the finest minds in the 3rd sector. Lucky you!

You’ve obviously noticed that we have been doing a little experimental project with QR codes for this event, I know this because you’ve clicked one to get here. I know many people are sceptical of how useful QR codes are to them or their organisation. I reckon this is due to the fact they are still an unknown quantity and we may just need a few ideas to get started.

Below is a list compiled by members of the Be Good Be Social sounding board, demonstrating where QR codes can herald results and highlighting the ideas which are better off left alone!

Alex (@alexdrobertson) and Hugh (@tumshie)  are on hand for any discussion you fancy on using QR codes. Feel free to ask me any questions also. I am no expert, but have been experimenting regularly and I am quite overexcited about QR!

Enjoy the night and the links.

Martin (@keanearrow)


Looks like fun….

Building things with QR – quite literally!

Do you ever manage to complete the Rubik’s Cube?

Do you like Lego? Do you like QR Codes?

Cool, but are they just a gimmick?


What does current usage look like?

So….is anybody actually using them?

Consumer mobile commerce engagement on the rise

Where do I start with mobile commerce?


How are 3rd sector organisations using them?

They look nice, but I need some ideas

Tell me a story…..

What does optimising for mobile look like?

Fundraising with QR

Campaigning with QR


Night at the Museum

QR problems and opportunities

Decoding Art


What about wider usage?

Spice up that Direct Mail piece with a bit of QR action

Marketing with QR Codes


Getting bored of reading?

…….here are some videos for you

….and some pictures


Why should I care?

It bring a boring old piece of print to life

Be Good Be Social wants to engage with you


What not do with QR Codes

If your content looks bad on mobile……

Don’t stuff huge links into tiny codes

Don’t forget about the customer experience


…and last but not least…

The token Mashable link



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